About Us

House Reno Profits is a digital marketing agency. It is led by Mike Cruz who is an expert in digital marketing strategies, lead generation and lead nurturing for the remodeling construction industry.

The sole purpose of House Reno Profits is to create more business for our clients. We don't just capture lists of names. We attract people who need services our clients want to feature, right now, today.

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We have the knowledge and the tools to help you succeed.

  • We can scan your competitors campaigns

  • We can generate thousands of keywords

  • We can leverage your buying power for lower pay-per-click pricing

  • We can design effective landing pages

  • We can produce effective online ads

  • We can utilize or train you to track and nurture your leads in your own dedicated CRM

Our team is focused on generating leads that are ready to become customers on a daily basis.


What Makes Us Better?

  • Our Ad/Lead Creation Experience

  • Our Research Techniques

  • Our 1-to-1 Method

  • Our Web Development Skills

  • Our Lead Nurturing & Training Tools

Our design and marketing methods help internet searchers go from visitors to leads to customers fast. There are many lead generators out there that will just give you names and numbers. We deliver interested people who want the services you offer right now. We even make it so that you know how well our lead generation is doing for you too, every step of the way.

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Meet our Team


Owner/Sales Team

In his former life mike had worked as a structural engineer. His enthusiasm & passion for playing apart in the growth of construction companies has led him to step outside of the design world and focus on business development, team development, helping build sales processes for his clients. Theres no way that we could accomplish where we are headed without our amazing team. Thanks to you all.


Operations Manager/ Partner/ Google Adwords Specialist

Ojay has years of wisdom of building himself as an entrepreneur. He's built several companies in his past. One path that he has invested several years learning to master are the art of Google Adwords. When we say we are going to deliver for our clients, Ojay takes all consideration and heart to bring the highest quality to growing each and every business that we partner with. He and Monica are the backbone for bringing the strength of this organization. This company wouldn't be possible with out him.


CRM Wizard

Monica is a master when it comes to building out the automation process for each of our customers. Each automation built with our CRM makes the customer service experience that much greater for anyone she builds for. Without a doubt when it comes to asking questions about putting together an automation workflow to better serve our clients and their prospects. Monica is the "A" player who comes in a knocks it out with precision and speed. Thats why we call her a CRM Wizard.

Reach More. Do More. Grow More.

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Mon-Thursday: 10am - 5pm

Friday: By Appointment Only

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